Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Painting

"Imaginary Landscape1" , ~30min., Adobe Photoshop Touch, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, 07.15.2014

"Wine Barrels" , ~30min., Adobe Photoshop Touch, Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, 07.16.2014

Assaultship HKS-01

Assaultship HKS-01
Assaultship HKS-01 work in progress

Nazi Speed Paint

Nazi speed paint, inspired by Wolfenstein: The New Order

Speed Painting-01

Getting back to digital painting

Summer Landscape 2014 pt.1

"Stonebre Hill Top", 12x36, oil oncanvas, 2014

"Stonebrae Outlook", 15x30, oil on canvas 06.26.2014

"China Camp", 8x16, oil, 07.08.2014

"Fiery Fog", 8x16, oil, Mount Tamalpais, Plein Air, 07.11.2014

"Lone Tree", 8x16, oil, Stinson Beach, Plein Air, 07.11.2014

"Tennessee Valley", 8x16, oil, Tennessee Valley, Plein Air, 06.20.2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Still Life 2014

"AH-64D Apache", 15x30, oil, 2014 

"Apples", 11x14, oil, 2014

"Breakfast", 11x14, oil, 2014

"Lemons", 11x14, oil, 2014

"Pear", 11x14, oil, 2014

"Red", , 11x14, oil, 2014

"Soup Preparation", 10x20, oil, 2014

"Strawberries", 11x14, oil, 2014

"Striped Vase", 11x14, oil, 2014

Figure Drawing 2013

"A little Melancholy", 18x24, charcoal, 2013
Academy of Art University Spring Show 2014, $300, sold

"Stern", 18x24, charcoal, 2013

"Elegant" 18x24, charcoal, October 2013

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Work in progress of the Lamborghini Aventador Transformer

Lake Shasta Houseboat 2005

This is a collective memories for all the years I've gone to Lake Shasta with my family and friends.

Ampharos Anatomy

These are done for a Pokemon class of U.C. Berkeley

Lamborghini Formula 0

Lamborghini Formula 0 racing on iceberg

Different Outfit for Protagonist of the "Modern Shinobi - Rescuing Ark"

           Winter                Desert                        Original                   Night Ops              

Steampunk Fighter

"Steampunk Fighter" - In a alternate future where scientist and engineers did not develop jet engines, while other technology such as stealth, propeller and aeronautics still advancing.

Orthographic view of the fighter

Thumbnails/Concept of the fighter aircraft

iPhone Paintings

Card Designs